Krista and Jeremey had talked about their wedding day. Krista told Jeremey that "‘you can let the other guys go; you’re not leaving our wedding.’" On their actual wedding day, that all changed.

First, they had lost their original venue so they moved the wedding to the St. Paul Park fire station, where Jeremey works as a paid on-call firefighter. In the middle of taking wedding photos, they got a call about a house fire.

At first, Jeremy stayed at his wedding but Krista told KARE 11 that she "kept hearing how bad it was and they needed more men" and she knew she couldn't keep him there.

Their photographer caught a great photo of the bridal party waving goodbye to Jeremey as the firetruck drove off. Check out the photo HERE! The wedding continued, they all had dinner, and after three hours, Jeremey returned just in time to have his first dance with his bride.

Krista has plenty of experience with fires and knew the importance of her groom leaving the wedding for that call. Two years prior she lost her niece and nephew in a fire, and one year ago her sister lost her home.


Source: KARE 11


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