The first time around the Cardinals lost by 31 to NRHEG at Van Orsow. Injury was a problem at the time for B.A. Friday night it was a better game. It seemed almost like a playoff atmosphere as the Cardinals tried really hard but came up short. The Cardinals for the most part did not play like a 14-11 team. NRHEG is 23-2 overall now after the win, so you figure that they would have walked all over the Cardinals. But there was determination to try to get the win there. Down the stretch though they could not get enough shots to fall.

B.A was down 32-24 at the half, and they were only out scored 28-25 in the second half. Avery Hunt had a great night leading the scoring with 19, Damon Trump had 10, Alex Bongers had 8,Griffin Malecha had 4 and Jack Clark and Zach Van Thomme each had 3.

Cardinals will find out Monday who they play in the sections. NRHEG has a game on Thursday next week with Waseca.

john Anderson TSM
john Anderson TSM

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