In high school we were required to take at least 2 years of a foreign language. I chose Spanish and it was pretty cool being able to say a few basic things in a different language! But then my Junior year hit, things started to get more difficult, I got frustrated, and I quit. Don't worry though, if I ever go to Spain I still know how to ask where the bathroom is!

Then in college I was required to take one year of a foreign language, so I took sign language! I've always been fascinated by sign language because it's a way to communicate without using your voice, which makes it so different from any other language. I did really well in sign language but it's been a while so I've forgotten many of the signs I learned.

And finally, this past year I keep trying to learn German. But of course trying to learn a second language on your own makes it hard to maintain your motivation when there's no teacher assigning you homework.

Through all of this I have learned a few things that I thought I'd share with all of you! And if you have suggestions for ways to help me learn a second language (and hopefully become some what fluent one day) let me know!


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    You Have to Practice Every Day

    You're probably thinking "Well duh Carly, that's a pretty obvious one" but it's easier said than done! It's like saying I'm going to work out and then I get caught up doing something else and suddenly the day is gone.

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    You Have to Set Aside Time to Work on This Second Language

    This sort of ties in with the last one. If you set aside time in your schedule to do something it is much more likely to actually get done! This would hopefully help with being able to practice every day.

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    Have Conversations With Others in Your New Language

    Now this one can be tricky if you don't know many people that speak the language you're trying to learn. I think that's why I tried to pick up German. My fiancé speaks German almost fluently so I'd be able to practice with him.

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    Once You Feel Like You've Learned the Language Pretty Well, Don't Stop Practicing!

    And this is why I didn't maintain my Spanish speaking and sign language skills, I never continued to practice after classes were over! This is definitely important though. That's why earlier I said my fiancé is almost fluent in German, because he stopped practicing for a little too long once his classes were over.

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