A chicken was just discovered in the trunk of a Kandiyohi County squad car's trunk! Apparently, this chicken had been stuck for 5 days!


WCCO reports that a deputy was helping someone get into their locked car at their home last Thursday (August 2nd). The person also owns chickens and for some reason one of them decided to hop into the open trunk while the deputy was busy and wasn't found until 5 days later, this past Tuesday!

The only reason the bird was found was because a deputy opened the trunk for supplies and found this chicken alive! And also a big mess! They made sure the chicken was ok, gave it water and care, and then returned it to its owner.

I'm sure the owner was very glad to get the chicken back but also probably quite surprised that it survived 5 days in a trunk!

The sheriff's office said, "This was one tough chicken." Yeah, I would agree!


Source: WCCO


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