It's a huge crisis facing the US right now: the opioid crisis. And there's a group in Rochester, called Recovery is Happening, that wants to do something about it.

The group's goal: to get Naloxone in the hands of as many people as possible so when they encounter someone who had overdosed on opioids they are able to help them during this life or death situation.

Of course, this means it's important to learn how to use Naloxone in order to help someone who has overdosed. That's where Recovery is Happening comes in. They are hosting a class on the first Tuesday of every month teaching people how to use Naloxone.

They told KTTC that "what's more important is calling 911 right away and making sure that you give the two rescue breaths, which can prevent someone from going into cardiac arrest, which once they're in cardiac arrest, it doesn't give you a chance to administer the Naloxone and save their life."

Check out KTTC's interview with Cassie Pappas, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, HERE!


Source: KTTC


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