David Bedford, apple breeder and research scientist at the University of Minnesota, has been trying to perfect this new apple for years. "'Let’s try another one because that’s really not the best,' he says as he tosses the once-bitten fruit to the ground, in search of another worth eating."

The U of M first brought us the extremely popular Honeycrisp 21 years ago, then the Sweetango made its first appearance in the early 2000's, and now it's time for a new apple to hit the apple trees!

Introducing, First Kiss!

First Kiss is part Honeycrisp part an apple from Arkansas. David told WCCO that the Honeycrisp gives First Kiss that crispy, sweet flavor and the Arkansas apple gives it a little zing and tartness. The Arkansas apple also allows First Kiss to ripen a month earlier than the Honeycrisp.

First Kiss will available to pick at apple orchards by late August. They will not be available in grocery stores yet but if you're heading to The Great Minnesota Get Together you can try First Kiss there too!


Source: WCCO


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