This is the story of Tammy Griffin, who donated her heart to Linda Karrwoman. Usually, giving someone your heart means you die, and the other person lives. But, in this case, they both stayed alive and talked to each other after the transplant was completed! How is this possible...the donor has to be dead without a heart, right?

heart transplant

Actually, no. Not if Tammy's part of a domino transplant. How's a domino transplant work? Easy (well, to explain, not so much to Person A donates an organ (they could be living or not). Person B receives that organ. Person C receives Person B's organ.

In this case, it is a heart from A that passed away, given to B, Tammy, whose heart isn't good for her, but will work in someone else, so she donates it to C, Linda. Which means Linda and Tammy can have a conversation after the transplant. I can't even imagine how Tammy felt when she listened to her old heart beating in Linda's chest.

Source: Deseret News


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