Wildlife groups were not happy when the builders want to use a lot of glass on US Bank Stadium. They felt that a lot of migrant birds would fly into the building because of the reflective qualities of the glass. Bring Me The News says that part of the agreement to build the stadium was that the Minnesota Sports Facility and the Minnesota Vikings pay for a study that tracked the number of birds that died due to the glass.

This two-year study that costs around $300,000 found that four buildings in downtown Minneapolis are responsible for the death of birds in downtown. The only building that was named in the study was US Bank Stadium. The researchers collected their data from 2017 to 2018 and looked at spring, fall and summer months.

According to the article, during this time frame, there were 1,000 bird collisions in downtown Minneapolis. Out of those 1,000 collisions, 750 of them resulted in death. They did mention that of the 750 deaths, only 159 deaths were reported at US Bank Stadium. They took it a step further and said 70 collisions did not result in death at US Bank Stadium.

According to Bring Me The News, the Minnesota Sports Facility and the Minnesota Vikings did release a statement saying, that they would "further evaluate" what can be done to reduce the number of bird deaths that happen at US Bank Stadium.

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