The ONE time I wish a telemarketer would have called me, and it doesn't... Ugh!

I'm not even exaggerating when I say I'll get 7-10 telemarketing calls a week, sometimes several in a single day! It's annoying AF but the key is to identify them when they do call, and just ignore then block them afterwards. But after reading this article from USA Today, I wish I would have been harassed just this once...

Turns out a federal judge in North Carolina has ruled that Dish Network violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, saying if your phone number was on the National Do Not Call Registry, but you still got a phone call from the company, you could get $1,200!

Between May 2010, and August 2011 some 18,000+ telephone numbers were called, so if you'd like to find out if your number is among those eligible for a huge pay-day, go HERE!

If your number was one of thousands to get a call, then submit a claim by going HERE... BUT HURRY, because the claims period ends JUNE 18.

So while I personally struck out on the cash, I'm hoping that if your number does indeed pop up, you could at least toss me a couple bucks just for bringing this to your attention... maybe?

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