When I first read this report I got nervous!

KARE 11 reports that contact lenses could be harming the environment. Uh oh, I wear contacts! I don't want to be harming the environment but I also would like to be able to see.

Turns out they're talking about when people flush their contacts down the toilet or toss them down the sink. I didn't even know this was something people did! I've been wearing contacts since middle school and I have never heard of people flushing their contacts down the toilet. I've always thrown mine in the trash.

But I guess if you do flush them down the toilet, stop it!

Mark Ferrey, an Environmental Research Scientist with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, tells KARE 11 that "the research on contact lenses is concerning, because it shows that contact lenses are not easily biodegradable and could seep into surface water or rivers, affecting wildlife and the environment."

So if you for some reason flush your contacts down the toilet or run them down the drain, don't do it! My mind is still blown by the fact that this is something people do in the first place.


Source: KARE 11


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