We've entered into the doldrums of winter and it's during this time or year hearty and TRUE Minnesotans reach into their cupboards and refrigerator/freezers and whip up the best concoction of vegetables and meat they can create. We've even named them appropriately...Hot Dish. Here in order greatest to I'd still eat it are my Top-7 Hot Dishes.

Did your favorite hot dish make the Top-7? If not let me know in the comments!

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    Credit: Thinkstock

    Tator Tot Hot Dish

    The Minnesota absolute number 1 hot dish that I usually think of first is the Tater Tot Hot Dish.

    This classic hot dish recipe almost always contains a can or two of Campbell's soup. I usually choose Cream of Celery (I don't like mushrooms)...though some of us take a risk with other versions! And I also spice it up with some Wild Rice sprinkled within.

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    Minnesota Hot Dish with Wild Rice

    This hot dish recipe is a wonderful tribute to both our Scandinavian and Native American heritages. Notice if you are not familiar with the recipe click here.

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    Chicken and Potato Casserole

    Here is a Minnesota Hot Dish that seems to have it all: dried potatoes, chicken, cream of celery soup and peas! If you want to be daring, add pimento. What could be more Minnesotan? Here is a good recipe you can try!

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    Crescent Roll Topped Hot Dish

    It's kinda like tater tot hot dish, but you sub out the tots for top and bottom layers of crescent rolls. Still VERY Minnesotan!

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    Credit: Thinkstock

    Taco Hot Dish

    That's right: tacos in hot dish form (I won't mention the horror that is the actual Minnesota taco). Ground beef, salsa (always mild), cheese, onion, "Spanish" rice, and tortilla chips or Fritos crunched up on top, with lettuce and tomato to be added after it's out of the oven. Don't fool yourself, though: Chiles other than the occasional can of Ro-Tel have no place in this Minnesota hot dish. Don't forget the sour cream.

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    Hash Brown Hot Dish

    A crispy, savory crust of cheese, crushed cornflakes and butter tops a combination of ham, hash-brown potatoes, cubed cheese, condensed soup and sour cream. Talk about keeping you warm on a cold winter's night!

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    Turkey Noodle Hot Dish

    It's a staple for many after Thanksgiving, I'm just not a big turkey kid of guy. This hot dish also is without a top or bottom piece to it.

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