Dogs are kind of amazing.  I grew up with both cats and dogs as pets and there are some definite pros and cons to each of them.  But I do prefer dogs just because they are just so obviously happy with  unconditional love, generally. Cats can also be like that, but its generally on their terms.

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We've known for years that dogs can sniff out sicknesses, especially when it comes to cancer.  I watched a 'Dogs Journey' on a flight back here from Vegas. I was concerned that I would be a blubbering mess on the flight, but it really was ok.  Great movie.  But there is a scene where the dog figures out how to sniff out cancer.  It's a very touching scene with some humor mixed in.

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Now, apparently it has been discovered that man's best friend can sniff out a person who has COVID-19.  This study was done in Germany and tested people's saliva.  Apparently a person infected with the coronavirus will give off a different scent than someone who doesn't have the virus.

Now I feel like any time a dog wants to be near someone... maybe they are infected with something.  Hopefully not, but it's something that I know I will think about each time a dog sniffs me...which they tend to do with everyone.  The dog's sniffer is about 94% accurate.  That's pretty accurate.  Maybe this would be less invasive as the test that is normally given.  It's a thought...

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