There is probably no better way to vent your COVID-19 frustrations than driving a miniature tank while firing paintballs with reckless abandon. If you are in the mood to paint a tank with paintballs and experience something new, how about checking out this course just an hour from Faribault out. Splatball in Hudson, Wisconsin is offering up the chance for folks to take out some mini tanks, and shoot stuff. Now that sounds like an afternoon activity.

Splat Tag which is located across the river in Wisconsin is offering up a really unique experience driving mini tanks, complete with real treads on the tank, not wheels. According to the website, you can take the tank out for a 1.5 mile drive through the woods of Hudson Wisconsin or battle it up with 500 paintballs for an extra $20.

I showed the post to my wife, and her eyes did that thing where her eyebrows lifted, and I saw a glint of light sparkling. I have a feeling I may regret suggesting this.

It's even friendly for kids to operate, as the website states, kids 10 years old and up can play there is also a low-intensity option available for players 8 years old and up.

Costs for driving a mini tank around Wisconsin? $40 a person and you get 3 hours. Cost for seeing your wife and kids covered in paintballs after you've used your mini Panser on them with no regard? +$20 & Priceless.

Get all the details about the mini-tanks or just paintball at Splat Tag here. 

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