Meteor Showers are one of the coolest natural experiences to see and until January 10, you have the opportunity to see up to 100 meteors per hour here in Minnesota!

Bill Ingalls/NASA
Bill Ingalls/NASA

According to Only In Your State you could see up to 100 Meteors per hour! The Quadrantid meteor shower takes place annually during the last part of December and lasts until the early/middle of January. This year, or years technically, happens from December 27th through January 10th.

Normally you will see about 25 meteors per hour but during peak time you could see up to 100. Peak time is expected to be January 3rd and 4th. During this time of the year do to cloud coverage plays a factor in viewing the night sky but if we are lucky enough to have a clear night and with the moon being only 58% full, you should be able to see the meteors with ease!

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