As we continue to clean up from this past week's tornadoes, we still hear about severe weather from other parts of the country, namely hurricanes along the Atlantic coast. Hurricanes can destroy miles upon miles of land and property, if given a choice a lot of people would probably rather take the chance of a tornado rather than live with the possibility of a hurricane hitting their home. One such couple just moved from Florida to Minnesota to avoid hurricanes, they weren't able to avoid Thursday's tornado. 

According to KARE-11 Television, last summer, Mike and Katie Englemann plus their 4 kids moved from Tampa, Florida to a hobby farm in Northfield, after they has just braved their second hurricane in two years, and were forced to evacuate their dream home near Tampa.

Three months after moving to Northfield, disaster struck in the form of a fire that took six months to recover from. Their journey gets tougher from there as on Thursday night, as the Engelmann family hid in their cellar, a tornado smashed their deck, blew out their windows and downed 30 trees, yet injured no one.

Tornadoes aren't foreign to the couple as Katie 20 years ago, was a student volunteer helped in the clean-up efforts in St. Peter, MN.

The story comes almost full circle because much like Katie 20 years ago helped with the St. Peter cleanup, students with the Northfield cross country team came in cars to assist the family with their cleanup.

This just goes to show that there really is Minnesota Nice no matter what happens.

You can help those affected by the storms by donating to the Southern Minnesota Chapter of the Red Cross here.


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