The clean-up will continue for some time after the storms that rolled through the area on Thursday. From the pictures that we have seen on social media, as well as driving around to see the damage in person, it will take a while to get everything cleaned up. There are several trees down, and they are not easily disposed of. The Cities of Owatonna and Faribault are helping out with some of the disposal of the storm-related brush, trees, and limbs.

The rules are the same, for both Owatonna and Faribault as far as pick-up goes, with one exception:

  • Brush must be piled on the curb – crews will not enter on private property to pick up the brush.
  • No material other than brush shall be placed in the brush pile.  Animal waste, garbage, demolition material, lumber, etc. will not be accepted. Any inclusion of any excluded materials will result in the whole pile being left.
  • Crews will not sort piles.
  • All limbs and branches must be placed parallel to the curb.
  • In Faribault, no tree branches or trunks or material over 4 foot in length will be taken. There are no restrictions listed on length for Owatonna.

Faribault will have their pick-up the week of October 1st. They cannot guarantee a time or date, so please have your items on the curbs by 7:00 am on Monday, October 1st.

Owatonna city officials have told KRFO that residents have until September 30 to put their brush curbside. See the city's website for details.

Both cities will make one pass down each street. This is a one-time service due to the cost in terms of manpower and equipment needed.



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