A mail-order nursery that was founded in Owatonna in the late 1800's found a new home in Bozeman Montana. The large, wholesale/retail/mail-order business was founded by Thomas Eugene Cashman, in 1898,  and was based in Owatonna according to the company’s website.

The nursery actually has a pretty cool history considering its local roots and how far it has come since 1898. It seemed like the nursery was destined for Montana when Thomas Eugene Cashman II, began to establish a presence there by selling nursery stock for the family business throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and the Treasure State in the 1920s.

Then according to the website, in the 1960s, current owner Jerry Cashman's older brother Dan, reintroduced the Cashman Nursery to Montana by taking orders for trees and shrubs door to door and shipping them from his nursery in Bismarck, North Dakota.

In a recent KTVH News piece the nursery was celebrating it's recent expansion. The nursery moved to it's new home in Montana in 1976 and has continued to grow as has the city it now resides in.

On a side note, my grandfathers sister, Katherine aka Katie, married an Owatonna Cashman, I wonder if I am somehow related to this clan. If so I could use a few bushes for landscaping!

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