ONAMIA/HINCKLEY -- The Grand Casinos haven't announced a reopening date yet, but they have released some details on what it will look like when they do.

They are calling it a 'phased approach to reopening". During phase one most of the gaming floor will reopen but with some changes to accommodate social distancing like limiting seating at card tables. Bingo, poker and pull tabs will not be open during phase one.

Both casinos will have 24/7 food options available with some restaurants open reduced hours. Dine-in restaurants remain closed until a future phase.

There will be no valet or shuttle service and the pool, fitness center and arcade will remain closed. A

ll guests will have to enter through designated entrances with Grand Casino using thermal cameras to scan temperatures of everyone arriving. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will be given a secondary screening. Nobody with a confirmed temp of 100 degrees or higher will be admitted.

Grand Casino has been closed since March 16th.

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