Thanks to Florida's freedom of information laws, the Sunshine State gets a pretty bad rap for its headline-making strange and unique crimes.

Thanks to those headline (that tend to include the words "Florida Man") the term "Florida Man" has taken on a life and meaning all itself, becoming quite popular in current pop culture. For instance, take a gander at these actual "Florida Man" headlines:

You get the idea (though if you'd like you can find countless more headlines here). While the headlines are nothing short of bizarre and amusing, Minnesota is not exempt of its own newsworthy quirks and mock-able stereotypes. Curious to know what those might be, the great community of reddit has gathered to share their best.

"We all know of the legend, and continued misadventures, of Florida Man," said reddit user maz_menty. "What would Minnesota Man’s claim to infamy be?"

The internet did not disappoint.

"Minnesota Man spotted kayaking the streets of flooded downtown Henderson saying, 'Ope, let me just squeeze right past ya there' as he paddled toward the liquor store," joked Vercury. Henderson, for the record, is about an hour's drive southwest of the Twin Cities.

"Minnesota man's goodbye still going after 30 years," cracked grimeeeeee of Minnesotan's notably long goodbyes.

  • "Minnesota Man Stuck at 4-Way Stop Sign for 3 Hours" Eyewitnesses claim he kept repeating, "Ope, go ahead."
  • "Minnesota Man found to be hoarding green onion dip during coronavirus panic. When asked why he needed so much, he responded that he was just headed to the cabin for the weekend."
  • "Minnesota man robs bank, refuses to take last dollar."
  • "Minnesota man lines up all his tater tots in a row."
  • "Minnesota man contracts Covid-19 from Wisconsin bar."
  • "Minnesota man found in coma after consuming 4 buckets of Sweet Martha's cookies at the state fair"
  • "Minnesota man mows lawn in morning, shovels sidewalk in evening."
  • "Minnesota Man uses Target brand cola as antifreeze on car"

As to where "MN Man" lives, the general consensus may not be a popular one in Central Minnesota. "'Stearns County Resident' is the MN equivalent to 'Florida Man,'" says Capt__Murphy. "There really isn't any room for debate."

If you happened to take offense at that last comment, go ahead, lighten up a bit and share your best "MN Man" headline!

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