It's difficult to get away with anything anymore. Seems there are cameras with someone watching all the time. I guess, we just have to get used to never being alone.  Somebody's always watching.

So, this guy was planning a drive and was using Google Maps and Google Street View to get a better grasp on the route he would be taking. As odds would have it, he got more info than he bargained for.

While using Google Street View, he stumbled upon a picture of a woman sitting on a park bench with a guy laid out, resting his head on the woman's lap. Even though the woman's face was blurred out, he recognized it as his wife by the clothes she was wearing and her general physique.

He knew the guy resting his head on her lap was not him and the worst part was the picture was taken 5 years prior. This meant she'd been keeping this affair a secret for quite a while.

He confronted her and she confessed to the affair and he divorced her.

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