Edmund Hooper and Michel Primeau sat down to play a little best of 3 rock, paper scissors. When it was all done Hooper lost a whopping $517,000.  Hooper actually had to take out a mortgage to cover the debt.

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But, lucky for Hooper, Quebec Court of Appeals ruled the debt was not valid. In Quebec gambling on things that require no skill and rely solely on chance does not constitute a legal wager.

The Superior Court ruled that for a wager contract to be valid it must be related to activities  “requiring only skill or bodily exertion on the part of the parties, rather than to chance". The court also found the amount bet to be excessive.

So, Mr. Hooper lucked out. I hope he learned his lesson but anyone that would bet that much on rock, paper, scissors, I'm not holding my breath.

(National Post)

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