My wife and I just returned from spending a week out in Colorado, and every time we travel to a different part of the country, our 'Minnesota-ness' comes through-- if it's not already pointed out to us. Do any of these sound familiar to you too?

Living here in Minnesota gives us an incredible quality of life with great schools, amazing natural resources and more, right? But when you get to talking with someone who isn't from here, there are always some odd things they point out about Minnesota.

The gang over at OnlyInYourState listed 13 different side effects of growing up in Minnesota that seem weird to our fellow Americans living in other parts of the country. Things like...

5) We have a strange affinity for tater tots. "These crispy, potatoey treats are Minnesota staples. Whether you stick them in a hot dish or enjoy them on their own, if you grew up in Minnesota, you probably love them," the site says. Heck, yes, we do!

4) We love heading to the State Fair every year. "One of the biggest excitements of the summer is learning what the new fair foods are that year - and then trying them out a few weeks later. The Great Minnesota Get-Together with its food, entertainment, and more, is beyond compare," the site notes. You betcha it is!

3) We hate to take the last piece of any food item. Here, it's our innate Minnesota 'niceness' that comes into play when it comes to that last slice of pizza or piece of cake or pie. "Most native Minnesotans would rather cut it in half than take the last piece. What if someone else wants some?" the site says.

2) We spend as much time as possible outside each summer. No kidding! Any Minnesotan knows how long our winters can be, so we cherish each nice day we can, right? "It's almost a crime to spend summer days indoors. Minnesotans know how to make the most of the sunshine, and we fill our summers with activities that help us enjoy it," the site says.

So, what's the #1 Side Effect of living in Minnesota? That'd be our inability to quickly say goodbye!

1) The Minnesota Goodbye. "The process of showing guests to the door, following them to the porch, and walking them to their cars? It's a ritual only Minnesotans understand," the site says. Let let me tell, you, it's a real thing. But not just here in Minnesota, though. My family back in Wisconsin is FAMOUS for doing this too!

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