If you love the outdoors, you might have stumbled upon this secret waterfall. I have not gone on this adventure yet, but it is on the bucket list. According to Only In Your State, there is a secret waterfall at Shadow Falls Park. You do have to adventure to find it because it is way out there.

The site says that as you come into the park, you will see a lot of trees, grass and park benches. Apparently, in fall the colors are beautiful. They even have a World War I monument there. According to the site, the monument has been there since 1923 and goes over the role that Minnesota played in the war. Also, you can find a place to go look at the Mississippi River. Side story, when I was in Iowa, I would run the Mississippi River every day! It is a sight to see for sure.


Now that we got that covered, if you stay on the path, it will lead you back to the secret waterfall. Here you will find limestone and shale formation that water is coming off of. The thing that gets me... you can walk under the waterfall without getting wet! It sounds like so much fun. If you are an advanced hiker, they say that the gorge is beautiful! It's just another opportunity for you to get away from the craziness they call city living. I'm hoping to make a trip in the next few weeks to not only take in the waterfall but hopefully enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

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