The Owatonna Police Department puts out a weekly newsletter that highlights various calls for service, statistics, and notices to the public, the newsletter is free and is emailed to you weekly. One of the things that jumped out during this past week's newsletter was the statistics from the month of May which included the top-5 citations written during May. Care to guess what they were? No peeking!

According to the Owatonna Police Department's Just the Facts newsletter, during "the month of May, the Owatonna Police Department answered 3,890 calls for service, including 544 traffic stops, 82 alarms, 17 domestic disturbances, 205 animal calls, 27 juvenile calls, 196 medicals, 104 suspicious activity calls, 16 warrants, 101 ordinance violations, and 37 motor vehicle accidents."

"The Owatonna Police Department issued a total of 151 citations and 386 warnings in May."

So have you guessed what the top-5 citation types written by the Owatonna Police Department were in May? They were in no particular order "speeding, no seatbelt, no insurance, invalid driver’s license, and failing to stop."

How many did you guess right? If I would have had to guess, I don't think I would have gotten the failing to stop or invalid driver's license citations.

Image Credit: Owatonna Police Department
Image Credit: Owatonna Police Department

Other news from the newsletter this week included a note that the Owatonna Police Department has seen a rise in Owatonna park vandalism. "Our city devotes numerous resources to our valuable parks and as of recent, they have been getting vandalized on a routine basis. We ask the public to contact the Owatonna Police Department with suspicious behavior so we can hold the individuals responsible and preserve the recreational areas in our town that we love."

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