Turn on the news on any television station and you are assaulted by computer-generated graphics, flying across your screen and temperatures seemingly appearing as if by magic. It's all done ahead of time on a computer and is basically a power point presentation about the weather. How about going back to when a weatherman was a one-part celebrity, one-part game show host, and one-part scientist all at the same time during your newscasts. Let me re-introduce you to...Barry ZeVan the Weather Man and his retro weather forecasts! 

In the online videos, it's a weekly upload, ZeVan stands in front of a map of the continental United States with a black marker, drawing in cold fronts, and scribbling temperatures while unleashing everything that is happening as he draws it out. Plus he mixes in a dad joke or two into each one.

The now 81-year-old ZeVan was a popular weatherman back in the '70s in the Twin Cities, channel 5 and 11, and now he is happy to be alive after a scare involving chronic lymphocytic leukemia, in which he is now in remission.

The YouTube videos feature clips from his many television stops including Las Vegas. I'm in favor of bringing back this style of doing the weather, as it's easier to understand and more personal rather than what we have now.

You can check out the channel here.

Source: MSN


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