Don’t lie: You’ve eaten snow before. Mostly as a kid. Maybe sometimes as an adult (please just silently nod your head and agree with me so I feel less weird). Some of you *cough* may have pulled the prank of grossing out your friends or family members by eating snow drizzled with lemonade. Works every time.

But here’s a random question for you: Does snow ever go bad?

According to a study from Romania, we may now have the answer to that! It examined how long snow can be on the ground before it starts growing bacteria and other nasty stuff. First off, snow itself is OK to eat, because it’s essentially fresh water – just like it’s fine to stick out your tongue when it rains. But based on the study, you may want to confine your snow eating habits to the first few hours of it hitting the ground:

The 2017 experiment showed it was safe to eat snow that was a half-day old, and safer to eat it in the colder months. But by two days old, the snow is not safe to eat, Istvan Mathe, a professor at the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania, told The Associated Press.

Luckily, you shouldn’t get sick if you eat a little bit of snow, so that’s *cough* a relief. Basically, much like real food, snow is best when it’s fresh. And you, my friend, deserve only the best.

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