We asked Central Minnesota what are things people do to cool down on a hot Minnesota day. Here are the answers we got.


How Minnesotans Cool Down on a Hot Day


Ice Cream

There were many ice cream responses. That is not surprising. It helps keep you cool and -- who doesn't love ice cream?

Cold Beverage

Some suggested drinking a cold beverage.

- Changing from hot coffee to iced coffee.


- Drinking an ice cold beer.



Anything to do with Minnesota lakes was very popular.

- Dip my toes in one of Minnesota’s 100,000 + lakes.


- Visit a lake


- Jump in a lake


- Go to the lake. Pick one.




When a lake isn't an option, there always something local.


- Go swimming The Quarry


Abbey Minke
Abbey Minke

If going somewhere like a lake or a swimming pool is not an option, there's always something that everyone has access to for cooling down.


- Running through a sprinkler


- Take a cool shower


- Put a cool washcloth on the back of your neck


- A really BIG fan.

Photo by Jordan Hopkins on Unsplash
Photo by Jordan Hopkins on Unsplash

Listen to other people who know because they work in the heat.


Advice from a Munsinger Gardener - drink


lots of water, eat watermelon and freeze pops.

Munsinger Gardens, photo by WJON.com's Alex Svejkovsky
Munsinger Gardens, photo by WJON.com's Alex Svejkovsky

Things that involve exercise seem redundant to trying to stay cool but you are in floating on the water, so you can drop into it.


Go kayaking and paddleboarding!

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