According to the U.S. Drought Monitor all of Minnesota was in a moderate drought with some areas in a severe drought. Without getting too technical drought is measured by how severe it is from D0 abnormally Dry to D4 exceptional drought. What is a drought you may be wondering? It is "when precipitation drops below 75 percent of normal of normal precipitation over a period of time."

My definition of a drought is when my corn leaves are curling and the beans are wilting or showing signs of moisture stress! My farm by Wells was in a severe drought until about 10 days ago. Now in the last 10 days we have received 6.5 inches of rain! I am sure for the present time the drought is over! In fact I am thinking that is enough rain for a couple weeks. How quickly the weather patterns can change!

There are many areas that are still very dry and in need of rain. Hopefully there turn will come soon too. Here are the rain gauge totals from Wednesday.

Mark just southeast of Faribault .8 inches

Randy by Central Park in Faribault .8 inches

Mark just northwest of Faribault 1.1 inches

Herb Roberts Lake .96 inches

Rolf just west of Reliance Bank in Faribault .95

Richard just southeast of Kenyon .7 inches

Dick east Walcott Township southeast of Faribault .7

South side of Faribault 1.5 inches

Norm East side of Cannon Lake 1.00 inches

Matt from Dennison 1.00 inches

John South Side of Owatonna 1.00 inches

Troy from Cannon City .7 inches

Ed Bell Creek Township Goodhue County .9 inches

Joe northwest of Nerstrand 1.2

Tim west of Zumbrota .8 inches

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