Tonight the main draw on radio and TV would be the NFL Draft. It's another way the NFL remains in our lives outside of the regular and post-season. It's the time where there is hope and every team is undefeated. But of course, that's not the only thing going on if you enjoy sports. This is one of THE most wonderful times of the year for sports fans, the other time for sports fans is that two week period in October where we have the NFL, NCAA Football, MLB playoffs, and the NHL all going on. 

There is just SO much going on this time of year! We have prep spring activities just getting going due to the long winter, the NHL playoffs are going on, as are the NBA playoffs. Plus Major League Baseball just got underway about a month ago. It's sometimes too hard to decide what you want to enjoy after work. Do I go with watching an NBA playoff game or do I turn on the radio and hear the local prep teams rivalry game being played? Add to all this going on the NFL drops in 3 days of televised draft coverage!

My plan tonight is to flip back and forth between Celtics and Bucks NBA playoff game and the NFL Draft. I'm pretty sure there is one position that won't be drafted by the Vikings in the first round...



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