This morning I drove over to Elysian to host KDHL's AM Minnesota Program. It sure was nice to see lawns and even road ditches greening up again after the rain last weekend. It was even nicer to see the lush green corn and soybeans in the fields. It is amazing to think just a few days ago the corn was showing moisture stress with curled leaves as the plants tried to conserve moisture. The corn had a very deep green color and looked great from one end of the field to the other. There were not even any yellow or drowned out spots (don't tell the traders in Chicago) that I could see from Highway 60!

The beans looked very good too. It was so dry at planting time that some of the beans were in dry soil and did not germinate until a couple weeks after planting when it rained. It is almost like there are two crops growing in the same field or row. Fortunately the beans flower according to day length so they will "even out" by the time harvest approaches. Farmers were much more concerned about how dry it was before the rain last weekend. It seemed like the beans were just standing still and not growing for many days in a row.

Did we already impact the yield because it was so dry for so long? Beans do have the ability to flower and set pods over a long period of time whereas corn tassels and pollinates over s short period of time. Click on the link and listen to Pioneer Agronomist Jay Zielske's thoughts on the early season drought on soybean yields.

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