This morning when I woke up and grabbed my phone I don't think in a million years I'd see the photos and videos that were shared by my friends who live in the vicinity of Lake Street, Minnehaha Ave, and Hiawatha Ave. Some of the videos I saw were my friends participating in criminal acts on businesses, others simply bore witness to the happenings last night. The destruction can be characterized as 'war-zone'. Burned-out cars and buildings, broken glass, papers scattered everywhere. It's just surreal the amount of destruction.

  A burned-out car in front of a plastic manufacturer  

Apartment buildings being set on fire and burning against a night sky, while people look on.  

Video of someone driving through the neighborhoods

The inside of a looted store in Minneapolis

A list of businesses that were impacted by the Wednesday night riots.  

What's sad is that my dad owned a business based in this neighborhood while I was in high school. I'd walk these streets, stop at the Target store, hop on the light rail. I don't know if I'd recognize it now. I hope I can do that again someday. I also hope we heal.

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