I think we all take living out of the immediate metro area for granted, if you don't you may want to start too after reading what Don Samuels, Minneapolis resident, wrote about this morning on Facebook.

Last night in his neighborhood there was a hit and run, shots fired, stunt driving in the middle of an intersection, and then he live-streamed a house fire from a few blocks away. When they called 911, Samuels was told the police weren't coming as the dispatcher on the other end said "They’re real busy tonight".

Samuels summarized his experience in just a sentence at the end, and it sent shivers down my spine, thinking that people, good people trying to make the best of their living situations are living this reality. "Hard to believe, some think we exaggerate when we describe the terror."

The post written around 4am is succinct, and tells the tale of a night in Samuels Minneapolis neighborhood and the surrounding area, as he lived it.

It’s a dystopian night in Minneapolis. Police are super busy. Report of person shot less than a mile away.

Our car smashed along with the next 2 cars in front of it, in a hit and run.

The perp’s car lost its right front wheel in the process, continued to drive without the wheel, riding over the sidewalk, taking out a neighbor’s handrail. So, we followed the scrapes into the street, down the block, and around the corner. There it was, blocking the alley, a white Dodge with a missing wheel.

Talked to a neighbor. He’s a new resident. Last week, his own house was shot up by about 20 bullets, from Broadway and Irving, entering three of his cars, the walls of his house and breaking windows. 5 people were in the yard at the time, including kids in his swimming pool. Nobody was injured. “I hope we didn’t make a mistake moving here”, he said.

A couple hours ago, a car was doing horrid donuts, just at the corner of Broadway and Irving, just down the block.

We called it all in but 911 said no cops were coming. “They’re real busy tonight” he said.

Citizen App indicated a person was shot at 21st and Vincent just 11:57 PM.

As I write, multiple sirens blare, responding to a building fire at 24th and zillion, just 4 blocks away. Now a neighbor has a live video of the fire on Citizens App and talking us through the experience. “I’m shaking like crazy”, she keeps saying. We are literally looking at the video on our phones at 3:26 AM.

Hard to believe, some think we exaggerate when we describe the terror.

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