I guess you can put together a list on just about anything, including rats. Orkin, the pest control company released their 'rattiest' US city list recently, and one Minnesota city make it into the top-15, which isn't the greatest place to be.

Minneapolis, according to the Orkin list, is the twelfth rattiest city in the US, which is an improvement versus last year, as it came in at ten previously.

How did Orkin go about finding the rattiest city? According to the release Orkin "ranked metro regions by the number of new rodent treatments performed from September 15, 2020, to September 15, 2021. This ranking includes both residential and commercial treatments."

Chicago by the way is the rattiest city in the US according to Orkin

The Orkin list also included some information about the rodents and what was observed during the study, and one takeaway was that rats seemed to have become much more aggressive in their pursuit of food.

The list provided this tidbit in regards to the behavior exhibited by the rats:

"Without food waste to consume, these pests were seen scavenging new areas and exhibiting unusual or aggressive behavior. The presence of rodents became so relevant that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued Rodent Control guidance on ways to keep rats and mice out of homes and businesses."

Rodents not only can pose a residential hazard as they can chew wires and wood they are also a health problem inside a home or residence.

If you've found yourself having a rodent problem, there are some things you can do according to Orkin:

  • Keep food stored away
  • Clear out the clutter
  • Do not let the landscaping run wild
  • Inspect both inside and outside your home
  • Look for possible entry points

You can see the full list, including the top-5 cities, that didn't change from last year, here. 

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