By now I think many of you are familiar with the concept of free little libraries. If you aren't familiar with what they are, they are small structures often placed outside a person's home or business that has free books for people to take or leave for others to enjoy. Operating on that same concept is a movement dubbed 'Free blockbusters' that have begun popping up around Minnesota. I only know about 4 right now, but maybe this will inspire someone to bring one to a neighborhood near you. is a website devoted to the cause, and the website states that these boxes are "a place where people can leave movies so other people can borrow them. Like those Little Free Libraries where you can take or leave a book, but for VHS tapes and DVDs."

As far as locations here in Minnesota, the only four I know about are located in the metro area, in Burnsville, Saint Louis Park, Minneapolis on Minnehaha Ave, and in Plymouth.

The idea got legs in 2018 in LA as the founder of the project wanted to repurpose a bunch of old LA Times newspaper boxes, and the idea from there has grown. It seems to be a pretty straightforward idea and creates a sense of community when you see people come and go from the movie 'stations'.

If you are inspired to add a movie box to your neighborhood or community, you can DIY it, or there are some pretty sweet logoed-up boxes online for sale through the Free Blockbusters website, which you can find here. 

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