Being able to get directions in a matter of seconds from your smart phone is amazing, you no longer have to try too read a map and then try to fold it back up perfectly. One gentleman took directions a little to literally and ended up having to be rescued by Minneapolis First Responders.

Via Fox 9
Via Fox 9

This all took place by the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis early Saturday Morning. According to the Fox 9 Report, the man was rescued after he fell through the ice at 3 am. After being rescued the gentleman reportedly told First Responders that Google Maps told him to cross the river. He was transported to the hospital where we was treated for mild Hypothermia. He was not from the area and was headed back to his hotel room.

I'm fairly certain that Google Maps meant for the gentleman to cross the Bridge and not the literal river but accidents do happen. I'm glad to hear the man is okay!

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