Mankato mom, Deb Bobendrier, was so thankful for the donated breast milk she was able to use for her son that she wanted to give back.

Credit: Allina Health
Credit: Allina Health

Deb's son wouldn't drink any of her milk which forced her to utilize another option: donated milk. She already had a freezer full of her own milk and now it wasn't going to be used. So she decided to give back and donate hers.

The Artemis' Milk Depot at Owatonna Hospital just opened in November and Deb was really excited she had a place to donate her breast milk that her son refused to drink. She just donated more than 600 ounces of breast milk!

If you or someone you know is interested in donating breast milk you do need to go through an approval and donation process but Deb says it's "'so, so worth it.'"

The Artemis' Milk Depot at Owatonna Hospital is at 2250 NW 26th St. in Owatonna. Before you can drop-off breast milk you need to register to become a donor. Get more details about breast milk donation and how to donate HERE!


Source: Allina Health News Release


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