Apparently, these burglars felt like they had done some hard work if they felt the need to take a nap inside the cabin they just broke into!


On Sunday afternoon cops were called about a break-in at a cabin in Crow Wing County. The cabin owner said he saw two men on his cabin deck through security cameras on the property. The cops went to investigate and found the two men sleeping in the cabin.

One of the burglars said they also robbed another cabin but didn't remember which one because he doesn't know the area. Cops found the burglars vehicle nearby with all of the stuff they stole in it.

Why they thought they should sleep in the place they just robbed will never make sense to me.

If you happen to have a cabin around the 26000 block of County Road 19 (where the reported break-in happened) the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office is asking you to check and make sure your cabin wasn't broken into.



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