I was going through my personal email this morning, something that I try to do once a week, and I saw I got an email earlier today from the Mayo Clinic asking me to participate in a stool study which relates "to help scientists and doctors understand COVID-19 and its relationship with our microbiome, and identify treatments and long-term health-related to the COVID-19 virus."

I've heard about scientists studying large city's sewer systems for signs of COVID being present, they hope that it's an early indicator before people begin to show signs of the virus. Scientists hope that by catching the virus before people begin to spread it via their mouths and noses they may be able to lessen the impacts on our hospitals. You can read more on that here. According to my wife, this study shouldn't be hard for me as she tells me I am full of "it" often.

The email from Mayo, simply asks me to call a phone number and authorize my consent to the study, then fill out a study release form. From there they will contact me about collecting my "waste". The study from Mayo will study on waste from an individual "within two weeks of your COVID-19 test results, and the second stool sample is needed after 21 days of your COVID-19 test results."

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While having COVID wasn't great, I had a very mild form, it's good to know that I can participate in some research to hopefully help further what we know about the virus, and maybe help others in the future. And all I have to do is sit down.


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