Many bars in Minnesota have been able to serve patrons since January after an Executive Order from Governor Walz in December put indoor dining and beverage services on pause was lifted. But not all bars were able to open back up at that time. That all changed yesterday though. In Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey had an emergency order that still banned at the bar service, yesterday that ban on bar service was lifted.

Places like Tony Jaros' in NE celebrated the news on their social media accounts, welcoming in patrons again as they were finally able to open up.

The posts also came with the news that patrons should still be wearing a mask when they are moving around the bar, and to "social distance" to keep everyone safe.

With the allowance of bar service in Minneapolis, Minnesota-based bars should all be allowed to be open at a limited 50% capacity, or 250 patrons according to the latest dialing back by Governor Walz.

KMSP-TV reported that Minneapolis' Mayor "Frey called the change "another small pivot towards normalcy" but promised data would continue to drive the city's decisions in respect to the pandemic."

The question still remains for many Minnesotans as to when businesses like bowling alleys, bars, and restaurants will be able to fully open back up to where they were pre-pandemic. The answer to that still seems far away, but with the allowance of bar service in Minneapolis, you can at least now ask that question with a greenie in your hand at Tony Jaros'.

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