I hear all the time about someone hitting a dear or turkey while driving the roads of Minnesota. My stepson seems to hit a lot of animals but he does like to take the back roads. His last hit was a coyote. His body shop loves him.

Dakota News Now/Facebook
Dakota News Now/Facebook

I must say, that I have never heard of a car/bear encounter. I can't imagine what it would feel like hitting an animal that heavy at 70 mph.

That is exactly what happened to 20 year old Cynthia Thompson and 19 year old Tyler Peterson, who was driving when they hit the bear. On their way to see some friends in the Brainerd area.

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Cynthia, who was the passenger in the car recalled the bear hit and described it as a "terrifying experience"

"I remember being hit. I remember being whipped around the car. I was terrified. I didn’t think I was going to be OK. I literally thought that I was going to die. It came out of nowhere. We didn’t even have time to stop. We hit it full-on at 70 miles per hour. With that impact, it literally felt like we hit a brick wall."

-Cynthia Thompson, Passenger in Vehicle

Immediately after striking the bear with their car, they hit the ditch and a few trees to boot.  Law enforcement on the scene inquired if they was interested in keeping the deceased bear to which Thompson's mother replied with a firm "no."

Tyler Peterson is a bit sore after the accident and Cynthia Thompson suffered a minor concussion in the accident.

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