On February 2nd a boathouse in New Richmond, WI was set on fire. Police had reason to believe a Woodbury, MN dentist, John Michael Haag, did it because there were footprints in the snow from the burned down boathouse that lead to Haag's home.

According to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press, one deputy said, “the tracks angled every ten feet or so as if the suspect was turning around and checking behind him."

Apparently, there had been a dispute about this boathouse between the owner of it, Wallace Cudd, and a local lake association group. Haag, who is the treasurer for the group, was the first to bring up that Cudd's boathouse needed to be removed because of state planning guidelines.

The Bass Lake Association and DNR did contact Cudd and said his boathouse needed to be taken down. His boathouse was falling apart. They had set up an agreement for Cudd to take it down by the end of this winter.

Cudd said his wife warned him about the fire at 2:15 AM in the 2nd. He went to put it out because he didn't want it to spread to nearby trees.

Haag originally denied everything until police came back to get information for a warrant and then he confessed.

Haag is set to appear for a preliminary court hearing on March 8th. He could face up to 40 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.




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