If there's one thing we know here in Minnesota-- you can't mess with the power of Mother Nature. And a new video shows that's especially true during the spring when the ice melts.

All that historic, record-setting snow we got in February is, of course, melting-- and all that water has to go somewhere. Which is why communities up and down the Mississippi, Minnesota and other rivers here in the Land of 10,000 (Now thawing) Lakes are bracing for flooding.

The ice that accumulates on some Minnesota waterways in the winter can be pretty thick (like over 2 feet on Lake Pepin) and when it breaks up and heads down our rivers and streams, its power is deceiving. I mean, it's only ice, right?

But as we saw last week even on the Zumbro River in Rochester, those ice jams, while kinda cool to see, can pack a punch. Check out this video that MnDOT posted on their Twitter page of the Minnesota River, taken from Highway-19 near Henderson (a little north of Mankato, about 2 hours northwest of Rochester) and you'll see what I mean. Those trees don't stand a chance when that ice floe heads their way!

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