It was announced yesterday that the Minnesota State Fair was adding to it's line-up for the Grandstand. The artists announced were HUGE in the 80's, the performers are Boy George and Culture Club and they will be joined by The B-52s and Thompson Twins’ Tom Bailey.

The glammed-up ‘80s pop hero Boy George and his band Culture Club will hit the fair grandstand on Monday, Sept. 3, joined by two other innovative MTV-era pop acts. Tickets go on sale Friday at 10am here. As far as ticket prices go, these seem to be pretty reasonable, especially if you are a HUGE 80's pop music fan. Seats closer to the stage are going for $45 through Row 42 and tickets are $35 for Rows 43-58.

It's not Bon Jovi in Orlando, but it's an opportunity to go back and relive the 80's with some of the artists that defined the decade.

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