Well... as we look back at 2019, one thing almost everyone will remember is the weather. We have seen it all. Extream hot... extream cold... extream rain and extream snow. Well, this has impacted farmers all across the country when it comes to harvest. Many of them had to push their harvest back super late because their crops weren't ready to be harvested or the weather didn't allow for them to be harvested. According to ABC 6, organic farming is becoming more popular across the country.

Organic farmers do not use chemicals on their crops, so they have to find other ways to keep weeds and bugs from destroying their crops. The ABC 6 article talks about a technique called Flame Weeding that one farmer in southeast Minnesota is using. This is when farmers boil the water inside the cells of the weeds near the crop until it completely destroys the weed.

Apparently this a common practice among organic farmers across the country. I have never heard of this until now, but it makes total sense to do it this way.  The article says starting this practice on your farm can be expensive at first. You just have to buy everything for the proper setup. It's so awesome to see farming grow and evolve with time and technology.

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