The Owatonna Police Department (OPD) reports a resident recently received a phone from someone claiming to be from the department and demanding personal information and money. The number seemed to be coming from a non-emergency line from the department, according to the latest edition of Just the Facts from OPD.

The e-newsletter states, "The potential victim reported he received a phone call from a purported officer with the Owatonna Police Department demanding his social security number and money in lieu of arrest...This is definitely a scam - rest assured, no officer from our department, or from any other law enforcement agency will call you to demand money in lieu of an arrest."

The OPD advises you to hang up if you receive such a call. "Don't be fooled by an incoming telephone that looks legitimate - technology exists in the world of scammers that allows information sent to your caller ID to spoof or disguise their identity."

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Just the Facts also reports on a suspected drunk-driving arrest from a recent Friday afternoon. After a sergeant was cut off in traffic. "The sergeant noted the driver of this vehicle was driving with her head down. The sergeant moved to stop the vehicle and had to use its siren for short bursts to gather the driver's attention to pull over."

After speaking to the driver and noting "signs of confusion and intoxication" and field sobriety tests, 45-year-old Nicole Dahl of Owatonna was arrested and charged with two counts of 2nd Degree DWI.

In another incident recently, Owatonna Police were called to a shoplifting case at Walmart and ultimately took 53-year-old Kenyetta Elwoods of Waseca into custody on theft and drug charges after a pipe with presumptive meth residue on it was on him. While in custody, it was determined that Elwoods "had borrowed a car the day before and elected to not return it - the owner was now reporting it stolen."

The vehicle was found in the Walmart parking lot. "Ironically, Elwoods graced the July 10, 2020 edition of Just the Facts for stealing a car that was also recovered at Walmart," states the current Just the Facts.

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