Owl City, known in his hometown as Adam Young, has maintained his low profile lifestyle, choosing to live in Owatonna. He bought a house with his earnings from his hit song "Fireflies" that is close to his parent's home and his church. For someone who recorded the song at night, in his parent's house, after his shifts at a local distribution center, he has done amazingly well.  His song "Fireflies" went viral on MySpace, and that led to him flying, for the first time ever, to New York City, to ink a deal with Universal Music.

And the rest is history, it was a perfect aligning of events, which the self-professed homebody saying that he knows how lucky he truly is. And, he has not lost his small town roots, even though he is playing stages around the world, including Japan and Korea where his albums are a huge success.

Adam will be playing at First Ave, as Owl City, along with Matthew Theissen and the Earthquakes, on Friday, October 12th. Showtime is at 8 pm, and you can get ticket info here. As an FYI, the show is an 18+ show, and this will be the second time he has performed there.

For a look at the video that Adam filmed right in our area, with Jim of Krause's enjoying a cameo, click here.

Source: Star Tribune

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