Sheriff Troy Dunn reading recognition of Jake Gillen's years of service on SE MN Emergency Communications Board. Presented at Gillen's Home on December 14, 2020

The Rice County Board of Commmissioners recognized outgoing District 1 Commissioner Jake Gillen today at their final board meeting for 2020.

County Administrator Sara Folsted presented Gillen with a plaque that said, "In recognition and sincere appreciation of dedicated service to residents of Rice County from 2005 to 2020."

Folsted told Gillen, "I just really want to personally thank you.  It's been a pleasure to serve under you.  Your commitment and dedication.  How you faithfully serve on your committees.  Not only benefited the residents of the county but also the state.  Your engagement has really made a difference, so I really appreciate everything and wish you all the best."

District 2 Commissioner Galen Malecha also thanked Gillen for his service saying, "I've served with you for 14 years and appreciate everything you've done for the county and has Sara said the state.  Because you were on a lot of committees. You treked down to Rochester and Mankato and the Twin Cities, St. Paul, Minneapolis.  So thanks.  I've enjoyed serving with you.  We've had some good times.  Some good laughs.  We've gone through some tough times but we made it through."

District 3 Commissioner Dave Miller echoed those comments saying, " It's been an honor and a privilege to serve with you on this board and I hope to continue to see a lot of you."

Disctrict 5 Commissioner Jeff Docken added, "Likewise Jake. I mean I know he's very dedicated to his position there's no doubt about that. I mean attending meetings, Commissioner Malecha mentioned you seemed to get to Rochester and the Minneapolis meetings all the time and we're glad that you were able to do that for us as a county."


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