Rice County Sheriff Troy Dunn informed the Board of Commissioners today outgoing Commissioner Jake Gillen was honored this week for his years on the Southeastern Minnesota Emergency Communications Board.

Dunn said he and other representatives presented Gillen with the award Monday at his home in surprise fashion.

"Jake is the longest standing member of the SEMN-ECB since it's inception in 2008.  He has been dedicated to this board through attendance and interaction to the emergency responders and their communication needs for the region as well for state and this plaque recognizes our thank you for his dedication and commitment."

Gillen thanked the Sheriff and said the learning curve on the committee was huge, "And the money was huger.  To be perfectly honest we spent a lot of money and we're still spending money in that organization to this day. You just don't quit because technology is so expensive."

Commissioner Galen Malecha of Northfield is the alternate Rice County representative for the board and said, "I don't think Jake's missed a meeting so thank you for your dedication and service to that Jake and it's been years since 2008 so thank you."

Gillen chaired the committee in it's third year of operation.

Dunn commented, "When I started we had four channels and we had one statewide channel through the whole state of Minnesota, so I might be on a pursuit and somebody in Lakeville might be on another critical incident.  We're talking over each other but that's the only way our officers and agencies could talk to one another.  Today now with 800 megahertz we can each get our own channels and be off on our own.  It's come a long way.  We're very blessed to have the technology that we have today."


Sheriff Troy Dunn reading recognition of Jake Gillen's years of service on SE MN Emergency Communications Board. Presented at Gillen's Home on December 14, 2020


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