Minnesotan's eat ice cream all year long, winter won't stop us! But now that it's warming up, we need to know: Where is the best milkshake in Minnesota? This might be it! At Bev's Cafe in Red Wing.

Bev's Cafe is a mom-and-pop shop. Their hours are 5 AM - 3 PM Monday through Friday, 6 AM - 2 PM Saturday, and 8 AM - 1 PM Sunday. According to their website, they're the oldest restaurant in Red Wing.

WCCO viewers actually decided that Bev's Cafe has the best milkshakes in Minnesota! So on a hot summer day, head over to Red Wing to try out their delicious creation.

Only in Your State also talks about how delicious their breakfast is, same with their lunch. So it appears that you can stop by Bev's Cafe any time and you'll be able to snag some great food!

You can learn more about Bev's Cafe on their website.



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