For a few of us, the past week to 10 days has been a time where there has been a lot of stress. Now amplify that to having a very young baby, your first child in fact into the equation. Things could get REALLY stressful. My buddy Corey and his wife Dani, welcomed their daughter Baby 'E' into the world back in December. Both parents are pretty funny and creative people so I wasn't too surprised when I saw them having some fun with their daughter's most recent batch of 'first' photos. 

A bunch of first-time parents, and or grandparents will take photos with their child or grandchild's first experiences. My first New Year, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, so on and so on. Last night Corey and Dani had me almost in tears with their baby 'E's first Pandemic.

It was complete with rolls of TP, sanitary wipes, some diapers, Lysol, and their daughter right in the middle of it all hanging out.

It's good to see that people still have a sense of humor during times like these.

This current situation isn't the toughest that she will face, as baby E will have to decide is she is a Packers fan like mom or a Vikings fan like dad.

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